Alien Jesus

from by KOIOS



Second piece from Koios' upcoming EP


Muscles contracted, ignoring the pain
Breathing in, my body’s a vessel
I feel no fear, clarity of judgment
Breathing out, feel pupils dilate

I speak
For those gone and those who will come
Ask myself
What I would have done

the future… so far…so near

Why have you abandoned me?

Oh, you a***holes.


Follow my lead, I’m voice from the sky
Jupiter’s sixth moon, the mystery.
I see through the Hubble, I hear through the waves
I’m answer to quest for the bozons

I’ve looked for the cure for my dying race
I’ve searched for help in dimensions
Two thousand years, like blink of an eye
Crucifixion, salvation

Pain flows through my lifeless limbs
I can take so much of this
See them cry below my feet
Leaving Earth, I find it sweet

We will be reborn, the seed already planted
Remaining in our hearts, you’ll never be forgotten

Seeking for refuge, my holy grail
Virgin conception, possession
Extraterrestrial, bodiless form,
No filth, no sweat, no flavor

Energy flows, the life is transformed,
I am no beast, I am human
Clean possession, rejecting the host
I’m building home for my brothers

[Solo: Cherez preparing for invasion of Thy love]

We will be reborn, the seed already planted
Remaining in our hearts, you’ll never be forgotten
Thank you for your love, we’ll take it on from here
Stupid filthy humans, we’ll dance on your graves

Always look for the bright side of life


from Triangulate The Triangle, track released June 5, 2014



all rights reserved


KOIOS Warsaw, Poland

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